А few words about me: I am Oleg, I have been making stabilized wood and other supplies for knifemakers for five years. 

I think i made few thousand stabwood blocks =)

Here i'm in the natural habitat:

So, some guys say that I produce not the worst stabwood on this planet. 

And in general I'm smart, hardworking, handsome... and modest. But, let's not talk about the obvious, then there will be information about all sorts of things that are made with my help:


Denis Tyrel made incredable bowie (time - 19:20):

And even YankoDesign makes review.

And Denis last work, dagger with my black MAPLE BURL:

Also we are on BLADE MAGASINE:


Cool Guy and TALANTED Knifemakes Airin Lee use my maple with albino and looks like he happy with this wood.

But honestly - i think that this is not best wood i made (time - 15:05):

Not bad Karelian he use:

Erick Rivers from Rivers expirience made little review about my blocks (time - 7:18):

Svein, The master is a novice, but talented and attentive to details: