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Nikola Materic    Drvar, 18/10/2022

Superb blocks of wood, pictures simply cannot represent the beauty and quality. It looks much better live. Packaged with style and love. Simply perfect!

Chip Carlisle    31/08/2022
Best blocks anywhere!

Oleg produces some of the finest and most beautiful wooden blocks in the world! Delivery is on time and consistent to the United States. My friends often say that his specially wrapped blocks should be on display by themselves!

 Solid skills Artistic Good resin penetration Wonderful wood choices
Odacir Pinto    Laurel, Maryland , 04/08/2022
Best blocks anywhere

These blocks are amazing, stabilized all the way through, vibrant colors all the way through, no doubt the best you can get, excellent prices, reasonable shipping times. I will definitely be buying again.


The most beautiful knife wood I have ever seen. Package was exactly what I ordered and expected. I beleive his price is very fair and I am happy with the entire experience. There was an issue with shipping, but oleg let me know of the complications and assured me everything would arrive. I will for sure be ordering again.

Tom    Glos , 28/06/2022

Stunning block can’t stop looking at it great work Oleg will be definitely ordering more soon many thanks Tom

BC Blades    Waskom Texas, 02/06/2022
best wood and best price

I've ordered from Oleg many times and it is always superbly dyed, and most importantly, well stabilized and completely square. Most of my best looking knives have wood from Oleg on them.

Exceptional quality

I stumbled upon this store by accident and was intrigued by the variety of wood slabs available so i decided to burchase some for of a project of mine

 The service i received and the level of accomodation was top notch the seller was extremely helpful and patient. And after i processed and cut the wood and quality as well as the complexity of the patters were absolutely incredible
Mike    Oregon, 16/05/2022
Great looking blocks of wood

He does a great job of showing you what you get and then when you open the box they are better then I thought they would be. Shipping does take a while but it is worth the wait!

Svein R Robøle    Sogndal (Norway), 18/04/2022
Premium quality

The best of the best. The blocks are of the highest quality.

Rolf vorwerk    Bergisch Gladbach, 22/03/2022

Nachdem ich 2 Tage vor Kriegsausbruch in der Ukraine 7 Blöcke bestellt hatte sind sie heute trotz der Kriegswirren bei mir in Deutschland angekommen. Was soll ich sagen, ich bin begeistert von der Qualität . Lieber Oleg , es tut mir leid das ihr nun in so einen fürchterlichen Krieg geraten seid. Ich bete für euch das ihr ihn unversehrt überstehen w...

 Material, Verarbeitung und Farben